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SQLSaturaday Orlando Take Aways

Primarily I work with Oracle which is more a circumstance of my jobs and the companies.  I’m always opened to all databases and systems.  While it’s much easier to stay current with Oracle since I have the the real life experiences daily the others provide a challenge.  One way I stay current on SQL Server is joining the PASS community, following some awesome SQL Server types on twitter and reading their blogs.  I also take advantage of their FREE SQLSaturdays in the local areas.  This past Saturday I spent the day immersed in SQL Sever in Orlando.

I really enjoy the SQL Saturdays they off so much information in one day.  I know that the local IOUGs usually host 1 day during the week that is very similar to the SQL Saturdays, but they tend to follow during the week and are more limited in their content.  Yes it does mean using my own personal time but if I want to stay current on any vendor product that is a sacrifice.  Plus its a few Saturdays out of the year depending on how many close by SQLSaturdays I desire to attend.

The content from this Saturdays event was varied and very well put together.  I enjoyed all the sessions.  I’m always performing comparisons in my mind as the content is presented between SQL Server and Oracle.  The session on Database Design Diasters was quite interesting.  The main take away:  Developers no matter of the platform make the same mistakes at least when using SQL Server and Oracle.

I found striking comparisons in two other sessions with regards to SQL Server vs Oracle.  Extend Events and assessing performance metrics.  SQL Server has come a very long way in this area but hands done Oracle does a much better job  collecting and displaying the metrics.  AWR, ASH, as well as the ability to dig into the tables underneath.  The wealth of data Oracle provides and ease of use wins every time.

Transaction logs session provided a unique comparison.  Logs provide the same functionality as the Redo Logs and the Undo Tablespace.  The manner in which the same concepts were strikingly uniquely implemented is worth it’s own blog post.  My immediately reaction is that Oracle does a better job in their implementation mainly because it’s automatically performing the backup — by archiving the log data to the archive logs.  But I’m hesitant because that might just a knee reaction and I want to explore the transaction logs for a deeper understanding — hence it’s own blog post.

I do recommend that any DBA take advantage of the community resources available to include any conferences, learning or networking opportunities.  As well as don’t limit yourself to only learning one vendor product within the database world.  Explore.  Be adventurous. This is how careers are taken to the next level.

Thank you to the SQLSaturday Orlando organizers and speakers.  It was a great experience.


YIKES! Someone Installed SQL Server And Then Left The Building

Although Oracle is our main database vendor for our bread butter application, there tends to be several supporting applications that utilize everything from MYSQL to MS SQL Server and often times without consulting with the DBA team.

Today we needed to grant access to one of the application MS SQL Server that we were unaware existed. The individual has since left the company. We needed to gain access to the SA account and this is the way we did it without having downtime.

Thank you Mark Sussinovich and Aaron Bertrand for sharing.

It worked without issue for us. Wanted to ensure that I had this marked so that I remember the information as I’m sure it will happen again.