Standby Redo Log Issues After Create of Standby

We ended up recreating our standby’s at the DR site unrelated to any Oracle issue which is always good.  However, when the duplication finished the standby redo logs were not available.

RFS[12]: No standby redo logfiles available for thread 1

Our first step was checking to see if the standby logs existed and whether they were being used by checking the v$standby_log view.  The status showed unassigned and the no SCN was listed.

Then I found the following from John Hallas that explained different in sizes between the primary and secondary can be a cause:

Comparing the sizes they were different sizes 200mb secondary for 600mb on primary.

Time to recreate the the standby redo logs with the correct size matching the primary.  I pull the standby redo log scripts dynamically on the primary to drop and then recreate the log files.  Again John Hallas does a really good job providing this information.



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