ORA-16224 Database Guard Is Enabled

Recently encountered this error after a roll out in production.  Several hundred procedures were invalid on the logical standby.  I was unable to recompile and received an ORA-16224 Database Guard is enabled error.

I checked the guard_status in v$database.  Usually this error is thrown when it is set to ALL, however, in this case it was set to Standby.  I was interested in disabling the guard which could be done with:

alter database guard none;   < other options include standby, which it was already set to and all, which wouldn’t have worked>

However, this can also be set at the session level:

alter session disable guard;

That turns it off for my session.  I wiped up a quick anonymous block to recompile all invalid procedures.


sSQL varchar2(4000);


for i in (select object_name from

dba_objects where owner = ‘MY_SCHEMA’

and status = ‘INVALID’

and object_type = ‘PROCEDURE’)


sSQL:=’alter procedure my_schema.’||i.object_name||’ compile’;

execute immediate sSQL;

end loop;



Once that executed successfully and just turned the guard status back to standby in my session:

alter session enable guard;

Had the end user attempt to run report again.  Success.



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