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Relinking Grid Infrastucture Binaries

I recently ran into several issues while installing the GI.  Most of these issues were due to the admins designing the system that caused several installs and uninstalls.  On the final install everything appeared to be in order until I tried to start ASMCA to add diskgroups.  I received the error message an earlier version of ASM was running and in order to upgrade I needed to start ASMCA for the earlier version.  I only ever had one version installed so this was a faulty error message.

After reviewing the system I decided to relink the GI binaries:


cd $GID_HOME/crs/install

perl -unlock — this stops the clusterware and sets the permissions for root

As the Grid Infrastructure Home


as ROOT:

cd GRID_HOME/rdbms/install


cd GRID_HOME/crs/install

perl -patch  — Restarts the Clusterware and sets permissions

There is a bug that you may encountered with  I overcame the issue by running again from the Grid home as the root user.

Once completed ASMCA started without issue.