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Agent Unable to Communicate with OMS EM12c

My phone started going crazy with alerts from EM12c, apparently all of my agents had lost communication with OMS.  I immediately started checking all of the logs on OMS, not finding anything of interest I decided to try an upload from one of the host:

./emctl upload agent

WARN – Ping communication error
o.s.emSDK.agent.comm.exception.ConnectException [Failure connecting to , err]

./emctl pingOMS

Can’t find host

Interesting, but makes sense after all the only agent able to communicate to the OMS actually resides on the same host.


Same results

After an email exchange with the Linux administration some changes had occurred in DNS that needed to be reverted.  Once that had been completed the ping worked and all agents showed as up.




ORA-31634 Unable to Construct Unique Job Name by Default

It never fails, every time I have a quick request that I should be able to hammer out in a few minutes something hampers it.  Today is just one of those days.  I needed to perform an expdp/impdp on a small schema between development and testing and I received an error:

ORA-31634 Unable To Construct Unique Job Name By Default

I generally always default the job name on data pumps exports especially if they are one offs.  However, today this just didn’t cooperate.  Apparently we have experienced some failures with other exports running and the tables still exist.  There’s a limit of 99.  An easy check:

select owner_name,state,job_name from dba_datapump_jobs;

If the number of records returned equal 99 then simple delete the tables.  SYS_EXPORT_SCHEMASxx;  — replacing the xx with the number displayed in the output from above.

Restart the export.