America’s Most Promising Company —

America’s Most Promising Company an Article on

. They are hitting the niche in the market not only with mobile but with the use of unstructured data. The possibilities are very intriguing especially the unstructured comments within the social media. How do you find the relevant comments that could make a difference or be acted upon? In my experience most people only comment on the bad never the good. The old adage one bad experience will be repeated to at least 10 people, while one great experience may never be repeated to anyone! Makes me think whether others are like me and tend to be skeptical of the good comments and focus on the negatives. I’ve somehow drawn the conclusions that the awesome comments are fake. Posted by interested parties. But couldn’t the same be said for the bad reviews and comments? Just a different interested party? The market that the company has landed in looks very promising along with the leadership and management style. If only they were closer to Tampa.



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