Leadership and Work Place Bullies

I read this article on work place bullies on DBAKEVLAR blog and since this is so common I thought I would share.

We have all been employed where there are workplace bullies. The article addresses those specifically in leadership position, but let’s face it co-workers can have the same damaging effects. I have to agree with DBKEVLAR that they not only pick on stronger people, but those that they feel threatened by. They are bullies because they don’t feel confident with themselves even though they believe they are only doing their jobs. But I often have wondered over the years what has happened to leadership in the workplace.

In my experience, the best managers are the natural leaders. It seems natural leaders often times are overlooked in the promotions or don’t want the added responsibility of people reporting them. Leadership doesn’t happen just because someone is good at their job which is often times the reason people are promoted to management, as well they are good at playing the political game.



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